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Smile Pro

Our Programme for Professional dental cleaning!

Professional dental cleaning (PDC) in our Preventive Treatment Centre in Munich, the special practice for attractive teeth. Choose from our services on offer:


The Basic-level dental cleaning includes a checkup of the gums and teeth, in-depth counselling on proper dental care and thorough removal of all superficial stains (tobacco, tea, coffee and red wine) and harmful deposits. The teeth are then gently polished to a palpably smooth finish. Finally, a high-quality gel is applied to harden the tooth enamel.

Basic is contained in all treatments of the Smile Pro programme.


Special dental cleaning for people at increased risk for tooth decay and periodontitis and for owners of high-quality restorations. The treatment includes an additional checkup and cleaning of crowns, implants and bridge parts. The teeth are then sealed with a solution. Includes in-depth counselling on the optimum care of your valuable teeth.


Professional dental cleaning for sensitive teeth with especially gentle treatment and polishing. The teeth are then sealed with special solutions to significantly reduce unpleasant oversensitivity. With in-depth counselling so that you can bite into food again without any problems.

Dental Home Care Treatment

Because clean teeth and healthy surrounding gums do not become diseased, it is important to master the proper cleaning technique. This programme includes checking your cleaning technique and instructing you about gentle and efficient oral hygiene.


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Health tips

Children´s 1. appointment

Children should be taken to the dentist for the first time from the age of one year. The dentist can check the baby teeth and identify potential abnormalities.

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