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High-quality restorations

aesthetics through prosthetics

If your teeth are badly damaged or if one or more teeth are missing, fixed restorations (partial crowns, crowns, bridges) or removable dentures (prostheses) can be fitted to restore function and appearance, depending on each individual case.

Metal-free, natural-looking full ceramic crowns are available if your teeth have to be treated due to significant loss of ceramic substance. Thanks to the material’s colour match and transparency to light, such crowns look exactly like natural teeth.

If desired, we use high-performance ceramics for crowns and bridges in the buccal segment. These are naturally coloured, metal-free, highly stable and can be used for extensive bridge constructions. Allergies to certain metal alloys are a thing of the past, as are unsightly edges at the junction to the neck of the tooth.

To achieve optimum treatment results, we have your restorations produced in specialist local laboratories. You will receive restorations that are made to measure by a specialist team in Germany. In our cooperation with our dental laboratories we also place a premium on competence, friendly patient service, high-quality material processing and long-term committed care.

Our services at a glance:

  • Restorations, fixed (crowns, bridges, bonded bridges) or removable (telescopic work, attachment work, full dentures, etc.)
  • Implants (restoration fixed to artificial dental roots for a strong hold) – single teeth, bridges, dentures
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Health tips

Prevent cancer

Regular dental visits actively help to prevent cancer, because the oral mucous membrane is inspected during every check-up.

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