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Attractive teeth, winning smiles!

A healthy set of teeth is often associated with vigour, vitality and physical attractiveness. An irresistible smile is appealing, projects confidence and brings success – in both professional and private life. To ensure a uniform high standard in our preventive programme, we have introduced the Smile Professionals concept in our practice. Specialist training of all staff members and regular on-site checks guarantee that you will always receive up-to-date, high-quality dental prophylaxis from us in a pleasant setting.

Regular professional dental care can help to maintain attractive teeth throughout life and prevent time-consuming and expensive dental repairs. Wearers of high-quality restorations in particular should take advantage of professional dental cleaning to extend the life of their investment. Anyone can fulfil their dream of having shiny white teeth nowadays. Dazzling teeth are no longer the sole privilege of Hollywood stars. They are now an essential part of a well-groomed appearance.

Our team for prevention

Smile Bleach

Perfectly white teeth and a dazzling smile!

Professional dental cleaning is carried out before bleaching to remove superficial deposits. Choose between Bleach and Go and Bleaching Refresh for a dazzling smile.

Bleach and Go

An impression of the upper and lower teeth is taken, after which the mouthguards used for bleaching are produced in a laboratory. In a second session, you will be given detailed instructions to enable you to carry out the bleaching programme at home.

Bleaching Refresh

You can refresh your first bleaching treatment. After receiving detailed instructions, you will be able to carry out the treatment at home. You can refresh either individual teeth or an entire row of teeth.

Smile Fresh

Get a fresh breath!

Bad breath is a taboo subject, and people who suffer from it often consult one specialist after another over the years. That should be a thing of the past. The person with the most knowledge in this area is your dentist. After all, 97% of bad breath originates in the mouth

"Always fresh kisses"

Following a general analysis, an oral health checkup is carried out. You will be given advice on proper oral and dental care tailored to your individual situation. Thorough professional dental cleaning is then carried out (Basic Programme). Finally, you will be given a Pro Kit to take home with you – for long-lasting success.

Smile Family

The perfect dental cleaning for every age!

We are there for you – from the cradle and throughout all the stages of life. Teenagers, future mums and wearers of partial dentures require special dental prophylaxis and counselling.

Choose from our range of specially customised service packages.

Smile Age

"Dental care for denture wearers"

Professional dental cleaning for wearers of partial dentures. Your natural teeth will be gently cleaned, and any exposed tooth necks will be specially treated. Finally, you will be given tips on how to care for removable dentures. This treatment includes the Clean-as-a-Whistle Denture Programme.

"Clean-as-a-Whistle Denture Programme"

Professional cleaning of partial and full dentures. The programme provides thorough cleaning of your dentures, including hard-to-reach areas, to remove unsightly stains and deposits so that you can smile again with a feeling of freshness and white teeth.

Smile Mum

"For expectant mums"

An old proverb says that every child costs a tooth. To minimise the risk of inflammation of the gums and periodontitis, we provide useful tips on home oral hygiene and dietary recommendations for expectant mothers. The risk of tooth decay is determined with the help of a saliva test to minimise the risk of infection for the baby. The programme also includes basic dental cleaning.

"For new mums and dads"

Children can contract tooth decay even before their first milk teeth erupt. Usually the responsible individuals are the people who want the best for their child: the parents. Testing baby bottles or licking dummies can transfer bacteria to the child’s oral cavity. As soon as the first teeth appear, young parents should pay special attention to their child’s oral hygiene and diet.

Free counselling is offered in connection with the Smile Mum programme.

Smile Kids

"Kids +"

Professional dental cleaning for teens and wearers of orthopaedic appliances. Brackets, bands and arches in nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria release acid, which causes demineralisation of the tooth enamel. These areas, which are visible as white spots, can develop into tooth decay over time. Special dental cleaning every three months is therefore important in order to thoroughly clean these pockets of bacteria. The teeth are then sealed with a long-acting antibacterial and deep fluoridisation solution.


Special dental cleaning for children at increased risk for tooth decay. After a thorough cleaning to remove soft and hard deposits, the teeth are polished and sealed with a highly effective, long-lasting solution.

"Smile Seal"

To prevent tooth decay below the hollow depressions of chewing surfaces that cannot be reached with a toothbrush, those areas are thoroughly cleaned and then sealed with a light-cured polymer.

Smile Pro

Our Programme for Professional dental cleaning!

Professional dental cleaning (PDC) in our Preventive Treatment Centre in Munich, the special practice for attractive teeth. Choose from our services on offer:


The Basic-level dental cleaning includes a checkup of the gums and teeth, in-depth counselling on proper dental care and thorough removal of all superficial stains (tobacco, tea, coffee and red wine) and harmful deposits. The teeth are then gently polished to a palpably smooth finish. Finally, a high-quality gel is applied to harden the tooth enamel.

Basic is contained in all treatments of the Smile Pro programme.


Special dental cleaning for people at increased risk for tooth decay and periodontitis and for owners of high-quality restorations. The treatment includes an additional checkup and cleaning of crowns, implants and bridge parts. The teeth are then sealed with a solution. Includes in-depth counselling on the optimum care of your valuable teeth.


Professional dental cleaning for sensitive teeth with especially gentle treatment and polishing. The teeth are then sealed with special solutions to significantly reduce unpleasant oversensitivity. With in-depth counselling so that you can bite into food again without any problems.

Dental Home Care Treatment

Because clean teeth and healthy surrounding gums do not become diseased, it is important to master the proper cleaning technique. This programme includes checking your cleaning technique and instructing you about gentle and efficient oral hygiene.

Just come and meet us. We are pleased to inform you about our services.


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Children´s 1. appointment

Children should be taken to the dentist for the first time from the age of one year. The dentist can check the baby teeth and identify potential abnormalities.

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