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Children’s dentist

attractive and healthy teeth for our young patients too

The treatment of children places special demands on the dental team. Our personal goal is therefore to create trust. We engage with our young patients in a playful, sympathetic manner and dispel their fears and worry about visiting the dentist. We want everyone to have healthy attractive teeth and healthy gums for life. Children’s and adolescents’ teeth require special care, and you can never start too early.

We offer all children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 an intensive and professional prophylaxis programme by our trained prevention team. Our Preventive Treatment Centre will be happy to provide you with details.

  • Dentist appointments for children

    Bring your child in for their first checkup before any problems arise. Your child will then form positive associations with going to the dentist. Avoid negations such as “it won’t hurt”. Statements like these quickly produce negative feelings. Avoid words such as “fear”, “injection” and “drill”. Instead, talk about “putting the tooth to sleep”. Try to project a positive attitude yourself. This will help to reassure your child that nothing bad will happen to them. We describe instruments and treatments to children in language that they can understand. We do not coax or force children who are unwilling to receive treatment. We respect your child’s limits. By exercising patience and empathy, we make every effort to ensure that your child always comes to us without fear or anxiety.

    If jaw alignment (a retainer) is required, we will refer your child to colleagues specialising in dental orthopaedics. In parallel with any orthopaedic treatment, we will monitor your child for any problems requiring treatment (tooth extractions, prevention of tooth decay, check-ups, etc.) Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Health tips

Knocked out tooth?

Teeth that have been knocked out can be replaced. Be sure to place the tooth in sterilised milk or saline and seek help immediately from the nearest dental practice.

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